A musical journey begins with the first sound . . .

Do you have a keyboard or a piano at home and do not know what to do? Is there a piano app on your phone or tablet that your child keeps playing around with? Bonniejazz Music is all about making music fun and accessible. Parents have been reaching out to me with questions regarding music lessons for their kids – “What is the appropriate age for my child to start playing a musical instrument”, “Which instrument is the most appropriate to start?”

There is no prescribed age for kids to start playing a musical instrument. Regardless of age, if your child can identify and count numbers from one through five, and can also identify the letters of the English alphabet from A to G, then they are ready to play their first musical instrument – the keyboard (piano). Kids are attracted to musical sounds; they actually have a sense of accomplishment by just pressing the keys and hear the sound. Any child that presses a key on a keyboard will produce a sound. Many kids are attracted to the guitar but at this stage, they cannot quite understand the concept of pressing the string on the fretboard and plucking the same string, all at the same time. That coordination will take a while to master and the child will eventually give up because of the challenge.

As a result of having too many consultations with parents about music lessons, I have created the KID-BOARD to give kids their first start on their musical journey. Songs on the KID-BOARD will range from 3 - 5 note melodies/songs. The color codes (fingerings, notes and keys) will enhance eye-finger coordination. As the child develops confidence and becomes familiar with the KID-BOARD, the use of the left hand will be incorporated, giving access to a wide range of music. Now let’s have some fun.