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Bonnie's desire to play indigenous instruments of Sierra Leone was fulfilled during his teacher training programme at the Milton Margai College of Education. He was instructed by Lansana Kelfala (one of Sierra Leone's professional indigenous musicians, who is also part of the National Dance Troupe of Sierra Leone) to play the balangi (African xylophone) and the Kondi (thumb piano). Bonnie was so enthusiastic that he embarked on a project to standardize these instruments so that they can be played alongside other Western instruments like the piano. Unfortunately, the project was abandoned when the war erupted in 1997.

He also pursued further studies on indigenous instruments at The Ballanta Academy, where he was instructed by Sulaiman Sesay (another professional Djembe player and choreographer) to play the Djembe. It was during this period that the academy organized cultural performances for the public as a prelude to peform at The International Society for Music Education (ISME) World Conference in Kualar Lumpur, Malaysia in July of 2006.