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Bonnie's activities with music in churches are set in both orthodox and charismatic settings. He began as a choir boy in his home church (Ebenezer Methodist Church, Circular Road, Freetown) where he later became conductor and choirmaster. He was also part of the fellowship of Christians In Action, Freetown. He trained and developed singers and instrumentalists, a few of which have found a place in the Freetown society as music teachers in public schools. He was very instrumental in the Youth Ministries of Youth for Christ in Sierra Leone, organizing youth camps for different church ministries and training young people to serve the Lord with musical instruments and singing in different churches.

During the interregnum in Sierra Leone, he was in Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire where he worked with the music ministries and choirs of The International Fellowship of Christians (Deux Plateau) and The Victory International Church (Treichville). His contributions to Gospel Choir singing and the playing of his trumpet caused the worshippers to refer to him as "the guy who puts the icing on the cake".

There is always a demand for church musicians in London, especially contemporary keyboard players for charismatic settings. This need, combined with Bonnie's experience with church music, plus his love for teaching, gave him the ideal skill-set combination to provide the invaluable services of conducting music training sessions for choirs, singers, drummers and keyboard players; as well as be an instrumentalist in church services. In North London (Hampstead), he was the keyboard player at a Charismatic Gospel Church - Worship Tabernacle. He developed solo vocalists and taught young people how to play the piano. As it was his desire to replicate himself for this congregation, Bonnie left them a momento in a young and promising keyboard player (Jason) who took over when he left.   

He received another request to help build the music ministry of another church, Walworth Christian Fellowship in Penrose Grove (London). Here he was referred to as "God sent" because the timing of his availability was just right, the skills he executed were exceptional, the product of his work and the musicians he trained are a lasting souvenir for that Christian community. Bonnie is also affiliated with many charismatic churches in London, one of which is Church of the Nazarene. He was actively involved with the youths, music and pastoral ministries until his appointment as Head of Music at The British School in Egypt, January 2009. Church music in Cairo was different to what Bonnie is use to. Occasionally, he receives invitations to play solo trumpet and piano during divine services. During the period he stayed in Cairo, fanatic Muslims began to attack churches by sending petrol bombs into the church during Christian gatherings. After more series of attacks and bomb threats, he then decided to stay home and continued training church musicians and choirs privately.