Music Ministry

In Scotland, a "bonnie lad" is one who is beautiful and good, which fits how you'll experience his faith. Bonnie has a wonderful laugh, infectious smile, and a heart to see God's people pour their own heart into worship. He's been all over this world teaching and playing and leading in worship from Sierra Leone to Dubai and Qatar, to Glasgow and now Baltimore, he has served as a school teacher, storyteller, church music director, instrumentalist (keyboard/piano/organ, brass, woodwind, percussion, and guitar), youth minister, Bible study leader, and advocate for blended music in worship. Bonnie is not just capable of playing a variety of music, he wants to and believes it necessary to engage all people in worship of God. He is excited to fold contemporary and multi-cultural music into church services to make even the staunchest of worshippers' feet tap out a beat. Bonnie effortlessly integrates music technology in traditional settings and creates accompaniment tracks for all genres of music.

He is very passionate about equipping the younger generation with musical skills to support the music ministries in churches. Franklyn has pioneered jazz bands, praise bands, youth choirs, orchestras, Sunday school choirs, soloists (both vocal and instrumental) in churches from within members in the congregation. He also provides training and professional development for church musicians so that they can enhance their playing and performance skills to present a diversified repertoire for various church settings.As churches become diversified, Bonnie’s goal is to provide a spirit-filled worship experience through music for all. His ability to arrange music helps in so many ways to enhance the repertoire of church music ministries especially when so many different types of songs are only available in audio format. Bonnie’s background as a multi-instrumentalist and choir director makes a good blend for him to lead and coordinate different ensembles within the church.

 "Be Still for the Presence of the Lord" is a contemporary hymn written by British songwriter David J. Evans in 1986. He was inspired by the phrase in the Old Testament – "then Jacob awoke from his sleep and said 'surely the Lord is in this place and I did not know it.'’ 

 Bonnie has been very instrumental in blending traditional and contemporary music in different church denominations, working with traditional organists to introduce contemporary music on the organ. He then arranged “Be Still for the Presence of the Lord” as an organ prelude.

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