Music for Seniors

In my live music programs, older adults are encouraged to communicate and connect with other members of their group, often making new friends in the process. The social aspect helps seniors alleviate feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Music also promotes positive overall health. Those that listen to music often have better nights of sleep, diminished pain and improved recovery time; music increases mobility and coordination. 

When a person listens to music that corresponds with an important time, place, event or emotion, the part of the brain that deals with memory is stimulated. In some instances, music programs can inspire individuals who are nonverbal to communicate by singing or humming. Music therapy may also improve cognitive ability in older adults. 

Music can also help settle down seniors when they become stressed and agitated. It increases relaxation and self-esteem, while reducing tension and anxiety. Classical music and jazz are good genres for helping seniors relax.

Whether it’s by listening to therapeutic music, playing an instrument, or singing along to a favorite tune, participating in music activities can have profound effects on older adults’ mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.     July 4th Sing-Along

Franklyn worked with the Village Voices at Atrium Village Senior Living for just three weeks to put on a Christmas show. The Village Voices is a volunteer choir of seniors who spend an hour a week learning and singing songs from different genres and decades. Residents do not need to have any previous musical background, having the opportunity to sing in the facility brings so much joy, fond memories and something to look forward to. Singing in the choir also has its health benefits - its helps them follow a schedule, stimulates their memory each week to show up for rehearsals, they create friendships and the music helps reduce behaviors that usually accompany dementia - aggression, anxiety and isolation.

Grace House: Thanks so much for entertaining our residents.They are still talking about how much they enjoyed your show last Friday. Many found themselves dancing or singing along. We are very glad you will be coming once a month in 2020!

Patient at Potomac Wellness Center: Mr Music Man, thanks so much for your  electrifying performance. You've got music in your bones.

Resident at FutureCare (Arnold): Bonniejazz, I want to thank you personally for turning my day from ten thousand below to up the mountain. Hope you come again soon.

The Village at Rockville: Bonnie, you recently came to perform for our residents at The Village at Rockville. Your presentation was very uplifting and professional. Our residents, families and staff all enjoyed your show.

Tudor Heights: The residents at Tudor Heights look forward each month when Franklyn is performing. They love his energy and passion for entertaining. What they love most is, his own interpretation of classics, oldies and American standards in his own "World Music". The community looks forward to the next program of his.

Somerford Annapolis: Franklyn never disappoints! His performance is stellar with surprises of trumpet solos and singing. He is able to get our Residents engaged. They clap and dance non stop. We have a lot of happy people after he has entertained.

Winter Growth Senior Living - BonnieJazz brought great joy to the Winter Growth seniors! He played music from all genres and played tunes from different decades to accommodate the vary of ages in the audience. He got the entire crowd up and dancing and left a warm feeling in the room after his performance. Winter Growth is excited to have BonnieJazz music back for some summer fun!

Senior Resident at Thomas Circle - "I have not heard the "Glory of Love" for a long time now. Hearing you sing that song takes me way back on my first date as a teenager."

Senior Resident at Malta House - "You seem to have a playlist for everybody. Your program was quite uplifting. I have not heard those songs in a very long time."